The BC Open Education Librarians is a supportive community for British Columbian librarians to learn about open education practices. We seek to build support for librarians and faculty in advocating for the use of open education resources in their home institution by sharing knowledge and practices that can impact higher education.

The collective action of the BC Open Education Librarians is not only to provide greater awareness of open practices to support flexibility in instruction but also to promote equitable access to resources and reduce the financial burdens of students through the province-wide adoption of open resources.

Based on the belief that information should be open and accessible, the BC Open Education Librarians are committed to developing and promoting strategies and resources that help our community in attaining this goal.


BC Open Education Librarians envision a world where access to educational resources is unencumbered by ownership and cost.


  • Collaboration
  • Knowledge, freely shared and accessible
  • Advocacy & Leadership
  • Openness


We welcome everyone to our community. Our organization consists of a steering committee and a number of subcommittees focused on different aspects of supporting open educational resources. For a more detailed description of our organization, the following organization chart includes a description of who is currently involved and what we are working on.