Tools for Creating OER

Resources and tools that BCOEL uses for creating and adapting open education resources.


Open Journal Systems 
Create your own online, open access academic journal with this free, open source software from SFU’s Public Knowledge Project (PKP).

Open Monograph Press 
Create your own online books with this open source tool, also from PKP.

Create your own open textbooks with this open source application based on WordPress. BC Campus and many other open textbook initiatives use Pressbooks.

Use this tool to record and narrate your screen. For example, you can record your slide deck and your lecture, saving it for later viewing by your students.


This widely used open source content management system runs about 20% of all web sites on the internet and can be used for creating and displaying all kinds of online OERs, including student projects.


BC Open Textbook MARC Records:
Add open textbooks to your library catalogue using these free MARC records from BCcampus.


BCcampus Pressbooks Guide
The BCcampus Pressbooks Guide covers general info on using Pressbooks as well as specifics about the BCcampus Pressbooks instance.