OER Reuse and Licensing Information


  • Research tutorials, guides, and other information sources on rights and licensing considerations around re-use of OER and list them below
    • Objective is to pool together information that we’ve found useful, with the intention of leveraging it to address similar OER issues/concerns in the resources we develop
    • Focus here is on resources that help to clarify common misunderstandings around OER in general (e.g., OA vs. OER) and reusing OER in specific contexts
  • Ideas for Topics (workshop, FAQs?)
    • reuse of images, illustrations
    • reusing quotations
    • reusing text
    • Getting permissions
      • process, who pays
      • When is it necessary to ask for permissions
    • Creative Commons license?
      • UBC’s website – using CC works in higher ed
    • Content on the web
    • Public Domain
    • Fair Dealing
    • Linking to resources
    • Transferability
    • Copyright Flowchart – Erin is working on this
      • for communicating the OER is the easier way instead of using a copyright protected work
  • Is this list useful? up-to-date? – Leva http://open.bccampus.ca/bc-copyright-education-sites/