Tools for Promoting OER

BC Open Textbook MARC Records

  • Add open textbooks to your library catalogue using these free MARC records from BCcampus.

OER Poster

This poster was developed as an outcome from the BCOER Hackfest (April 2014) on the benefits of OER for faculty and students . The statistics and the textbook cost savings are as noted at the time of printing – October 2014. More current updates are available on the BC Open Textbook project site home page. It’s an OER so feel free to use this poster and exercise the 5Rs! We will update the statistics cited on it in subsequent versions. There is also a larger version with a horizontal layout available.

BCOEL Library Strategic Planning

The purpose of this document is to provide generic items that could be incorporated into any library’s policies, procedures, or strategic planning documents. In most cases, libraries will need to modify these components before using them, but they can provide some inspiration for ensuring openness is a central part of your library’s future.

BCOEL Library Strategic Planning